Sport Week and Art

SLEMAN – MEP FEB UGM held Sport Week and Art (POSE) 2017. It was one of program from Student Association of Graduate School of Development Economics (HIMMEP) under the management period of 2017 – 2018 on 14th – 21st October 2017. The activities organized as a forum for expressing themselves and channeling the hobby. There were 4 sport fields in the competition which are futsal, badminton, table tennis and chess to be played and 2 other categories for art competition which are photography with theme “Economic and Development Activity in Indonesia” and art performance among the class.

The winners of POSE 2017 from the sporting event ware Regular Class Batch 46 for futsal, badminton men’s double was won by Andri Pamungkas and Deni Ari Darmawan (Regular Class Batch 59), badminton doubles mixed by Birul Walidin and Mujiati Pasolo (Regular Class Batch 56), single man table tennis by Teguh Dwi Prasetyo (Regular Class Batch 57), and chess by Dian Adi Gunawan (Regular Class Batch 59). Photography art competition were followed by 13 participants and won by Gilang Yudha Samudro from Regular Class Batch 57. Eventually, the art performance competition was won by the representative of Regular Class Batch 59.

Friday night (2/10) became the peak event of POSE 2017. The event placed in the Mubyarto Auditorium of MEP FEB UGM presented the art performances of students at the same time it was prize hand over for POSE’s winners 2017. The night was lively and attended by the academic community of MEP FEB UGM including the students, employees and managers. POSE 2017 activities were supported by MEP’s alumni as the donors such as KJPP Pung’s Zulkarnaen and Partners. Thanks to all academic community of MEP FEB UGM and Alumni who have supported POSE 2017, till we meet again on POSE 2018.

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