Welcome to The Master in Development Economics FEB UGM

With the spirit of Leading in Economic Development, MEP FEB UGM invites you to become leaders in the field of development economics by upholding the noble values ​​of higher education. This admission offer is a recognition of your extraordinary achievements both academically and personally. For 27 years, MEP FEB UGM has contributed to devoting all its potential to participate in developing the country through master’s degree education with a concentration on Sustainable Economic Development (PEB), Regional Economic Planning and Development (PPED), Regional Financial and Asset Management (MKAD), Asset Management and Property Valuation (MAPP), Asset Management and Business Valuation (MAPB), Taxation and Economic Development (PPE), Finance and Economic Development (KPE).

You will immerse in a very diverse and dynamic community from various institutions and regions in Indonesia. MEP FEB UGM will prepare you to contribute in facing the current situation and building the future with enthusiasm, perseverance, and confidence. Study and work with leading scholars at UGM, stay strong, and take advantage of unlimited opportunities and resources to equip yourself in order to achieve your dream career and make a trail of your adventures in this world.

Believe that you are worthy of joining MEP FEB UGM academic community with your abilities and desires. We hope that you choose MEP FEB UGM in your journey to the future. We await your readiness and enthusiasm to join MEP FEB UGM.