SLEMAN, The Master of Development Economics Program Alumni Association of Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Gadjah Mada (KAFEGAMA MEP) returned to their beloved campus at the 23rd DIES of MEP FEB UGM, on Friday night (13/18). The alumni gathering was attended by alumni from various regions of Indonesia, lecturers, students and employee of MEP.

Dr. Akhmad Makhfatih M.A., the Coordinator of MEP FEB UGM welcomed the alumni who came all the way from Sabang to Merauke. In his speech, Makhfatih explained the development of MEP FEB UGM which has built Indonesia through the alumni who are spread throughout the country. The event went lively, led by MC Degga Himawan who made the event even more exciting and intimate. Accompanied by nostalgic songs, the alumni were brought their memories back to the time of their study in MEP.

On this occasion, several alumni delivered their impressions after years of leaving the campus. Teguh Haryanto, PUOD alumni of class 11 gave an impression on the learning system at MEP FEB UGM which was very family-like, there was no barrier between students, lecturers, and employees which made him unable to forget his time at MEP FEB UGM. Meanwhile, Sri Suliawati representing the 13th class explained how MEP FEB UGM could influence her career. “With the economics theory I obtained, I am able to apply it in all fields of service that I am mandated,” she said. Likewise, Musni Syahputra from Bireuen Aceh and Zulfan Effendi from Riau remembered that since the beginning of their fresh year through the Matriculation Program, they could feel the difference of the learning system compared to what they got in their undergraduate degree. “Even though it was hard to take the lectures since I am from outside of the region, with the guidance of the lecturers and MEP employee’s support, everything was passed well,” Zulfan said. “This makes alumni always feel close to MEP and builds a very solid relationship,” added Musni.

The event ended with a speech from the Deputy Dean of Research, Community Service, Partnership and Alumni of FEB UGM, Amirullah Setya Hardi, Cand. Oecon., Ph.D. He narrated the history of the establishment of KAFEGAMA which has become bigger from when it was only the undergraduate KAFEGAMA up until now which is also becoming each master program KAFEGAMA (MEP, MM, MAKSI, MD). Amirullah also persuaded the KAFEGAMA MEP to build a bigger and stronger Alma mater in many ways, one of them is to give their junior a chance to have training or internships in the institutions where the alumni work. “This is one of the important roles of alumni for the development of FEB UGM itself,” he said.

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