Substantive Training: “Planning and Budgeting”

SLEMAN, The Master of Development Economics Program, Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Gadjah Mada (MEP FEB UGM) in collaboration with the Centre of Development, Education and Planner Training (Pusbindiklatren) Bappenas organized a substantive training “Planning and Budgeting”. The training aimed to improve planning and budgeting capacity and capabilities of planners, especially at the regional government level. It was held for 2 weeks from October 8 to October 19 2018 at University Club Hotel UGM (UC UGM) Yogyakarta. There were 25 participants of government officials coming from central and regional governments throughout Indonesia. Besides theoretical materials, the participants also went on a field visit to Yogyakarta Government and Statistics of Yogyakarta Special Region in order to directly observe the field.

“This substantive training, “Planning and Budgeting” is one of our efforts to achieve policy synchronization in this case planning and budgeting. There is a triangular relationship between management of regional assets, regional financial management, and valuation of regional assets, so by synchronizing these components it will create the regional competitiveness, ” said Wakhid Slamet Ciptono as MEP FEB UGM Coordinator in his speech. Creativity in the planning and budgeting process is important because up to now, the planning and budgeting process holds many complex calculations and logic which tend to depend on the left brain. “Bappenas itself is developing a talent management program that focuses on balancing between the right, left and middle brain. I hope the participants can participate in the substantive training program well, ” concluded Wakhid

In the opening ceremony, Wiky Witarni (the Head of Planner Training Management for Non-Degree) represented the Head of Pusbindiklatren Bappenas conveyed, “Thank you for your willingness to spare your time in between your respective activities to attend this training. Hopefully, in the next two weeks, you will stay healthy so that you can participate in the training well, so that you can engage as much new knowledge as possible “. In addition to this training, Bappenas also held numerous training such as Public Private Partnership, PPDRPJMD, Monitoring Evaluation and Economic Development. I hope that more government officials will take part in the training to be able to increase their capacity and contribute to their respective institutions, ” added Wiky Witarni.

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