Sleman, (12/4) Director of MEP FEB UGM, Dr. Dumairy, M.A. opened the class of Appraisal Certification Program for Property Valuation Concentration Batch IX. The Appraisal Certification Program is an advanced program in the concentration of Asset Management and Property Valuation to produce professionals in the field of appraisers. An appraiser is someone who has the expertise to carry out an valuation activity. Whereas valuation is a combination of science and art in estimating the value of an interest contained in a property.

The Appraisal Certification Program is a collaborative program between the MEP FEB UGM and MAPPI (Indonesian Appraisal Society), which accommodates the Indonesian Appraiser. Certified appraisal services are urgently needed, so that to meet these needs MEP Study Program continuously opens an Appraisal Certification Program for students who have passed thesis defense and for MAPP or MAPB concentration alumni.

The Certification Program is taken within 12 (twelve) months, of which 6 (six) months are for theory, then after passing the written examination, an internship for 6 (six) months is continued in the Public Appraisal Services Office (KJPP) recommended by MAPPI. In the internship, students are required to make 3 (three) different assessment reports, in which one of the internship reports will be tested on an oral Certification Appraiser Exam (USP) by MAPPI. (tsh)

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