Matriculation (Pre-MEP)

The matriculation program aims to bridge the existing knowledge of prospective students to the courses given during the study in the Master in Development Economics Program. Moreover, the matriculation is for prospective students whose undergraduate educational background is not from economics or who have knowledge in economics but have a long break or do not have a sufficient basic understanding of economics as a minimum standard in attending a regular class.

Before enrolling in the regular class, all prospective students with the above criteria must attend and pass this program with a minimum GPA matriculation of 2.50 without a D or E score.

Matriculation Program Course:

  1. Micro Economics I
  2. Macro Economics I
  3. Management and Financial Statement/Accounting for MAPB concentration
  4. Statistics for Economics
  5. Economics mathematic

Prospective students are declared to meet the privilege of FREE-MATRICULATION if they are from undergraduate majoring in economics with the following conditions:

  • Minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.50 from a university accredited A from BAN Dikti.
  • For UGM undergraduate alumni majoring in Economics, the minimum GPA should be 3.25.
  • Has fulfilled a minimum TPA / PAPs score of 500 and a minimum ITP TOEFL of at least 450 or an AcEPT of at least 203.
  • Pass the interview selection.