Edwin Agust Pattinasarany, S.H., M.Si.
Alumni Batch 29 – Regional Development
Regional Development Planning Agency of Kepulaan Aru Regency
“Studying at MEP was fun, because the lecturers and staffs were very helpful during the study process”

Farid Minti, Dra., M.Si.
Alumni Batch 27 – Regional Finance
Regional Development Planning Agency of Gorontalo Utara Regency
“We, the MEP alumni are very proud of the alma mater, because the knowledge that we obtained in MEP was very helpful in carrying out official duties in the area. Anyway MEP is the best !!!”

Andryan Wikrawardana, M.Ec.Dev.
Alumni Batch 48 – Applied Economics
Regular/Fresh Graduated
Local Government of Muara Enim
“Sincei was studying at the Undergradute program, I have often heard about the MEP UGM Program. I participated in several discussions and seminars organized by MEP and made me even more excited about continuing my studies at MEP. In addition to my personal interest in the economy, MEP also offers a number of concentrations that provide more space for me to develop interests and deepen my studies when I am in a graduate program.
Studying at MEP was very impressive. A qualified and friendly lecturer coupled with admission and academic services that are friendly, fast and responsive makes the existing atmosphere of the lecture truly conducive and enjoyable. MEP is very leading in terms of maintaining its quality and service.
In the future, I really hope that MEP can continue to maintain quality and even continue to improve it. I also hope that someday, more and more local governments will cooperate with MEP UGM, because it is the MEP UGM that I have observed so seriously and committed to developing HR in the regional government.
Stay work on to be Committed to Development !!!”

Anas Karim Rivai, Ir., M.Ec.Dev.
Alumni Batch 38 – MAPP
Director of PT. Indoprofita Konsultana Jakarta
“I am very grateful to Allah SWT for being able to attend the MEP UGM, because I have opened up a lot of insight into better, innovative and creative thinking, so that the knowledge and knowledge gained from studying at the MEP UGM Program can be directly applied and applied in the business world I at this time the assessment consultant. Thank you MEP UGM.”

Ilham Nurhidayat, S.E., Ak., M.Ec.Dev.
Alumni Batch 29 – Concentration of EKP
Financial and Development Supervisory Agency
“MEP UGM has shown remarkable performance, producing the best graduates who dedicate their knowledge throughout the archipelago in each of their institutions as a Change of Agent for Indonesian development in accordance with its motto Committed to Development. During my lecture I felt that the UGM MEP Campus was very Hommy, both lecturers and administrative staff were professional and friendly, while still maintaining friendship with the alumni.
Success for the future!”

Hendri Yani, S.I.P., M.Ec.Dev., MIDS
Alumni Batch 38 – Regional Development
The Government of Belitung Timur Regency
“Studying at MEP …
We learn with good and reliable teaching staff with academic competencies that need not be doubted, not only is their existence recognized at the national level but also internationally. With this experience, the lecturer provides a foundation in thinking and acting, making the tool developed in a career.
Another thing that is post student, is more important because communication with the Alumni Department continues to be established, one of which is information on practical matters such as short courses for government staff developed by MEP UGM to support and improve the work of MEP Alumni work, we also share to colleagues in the office …”

Petrus Solossa, S.E., M.Si.
Alumni Batch 11 – Regional Development
Local Secretary of Keerom Regency
“The MEP programs are excellent for helping the development of the capacity of the local government apparatus human resources, especially the currents and updates programs that commonly needed.”

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