SLEMAN, (23/09) Concentration of Asset Management and Property Valuation (MAPP) and Asset Management and Business Valuation (MAPB) are two concentrations which the graduates could continue their study to Appraisers Certification Program. It is a collaboration program between MEP FEB UGM with Indonesia Society of Appraisers (MAPPI). Both concentrations provide wider contribution in the number of students in MEP FEB UGM. The curriculum is a success benchmark of MEP FEB UGM along with the contribution of appraisal world that is indispensable to almost all lines no matter in the government, state/local-own enterprises, banking, and private institution so periodically the curriculum is necessarily updated.

Curriculum workshop was attended by Dean of Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Gadjah Mada, Dr. Eko Suwardi, M.Sc and Vice Dean for Research, Community Service, Cooperation, and Alumni, the Management Team of MEP FEB UGM and MAPP and MAPB’s lectures. MAPPI team was directly led by the Chairman Ir. Okky Danuza, M.Sc., MAPPI (cert) toegther with the MAPPI Central Board. Coordinator of Academic Affairs and Student Affairs of MEP FEB UGM, Ardyanto Fitrady, Ph.D described in detail the syllabus of above concentrations per semester as well as the problems faced by the students in completing their education such as in the apprentice term.

Okky Danuza as Chairman of MAPPI and the users of alumni MEP FEB UGM gave input to fix the existing curriculum. First, it related with the output from students in both concentrations, the valuer competency was not only obtained from knowledge, it should be also from the practical experience. Student’s understanding obtained in the class without practice would only be able to master half of the process. Secondly, according to Okky, generally the curriculum in MEP FEB UGM had meet the standard requires for appraiser profession education in MAPPI, yet the problem was when the students on the internship, they were reluctant to follow the procedure so they couldn’t understand the process from the beginning alike technique of field survey to produce final report, he said.

The discussion agreed that internship students require to make internship final report from initial to final process in handling a project, not only pay attention on the final result. So the internship students should produce logbook which is agreed by the supervisor as one of student activity check list during the internship.

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