The Banquet Celebration of the 24th Dies Natalis of MEP FEB UGM

SLEMAN, Tuesday (6/25). MEP FEB UGM held a banquet for the 24th Anniversary in the main hall of MEP FEB UGM. The event was attended by academicians of MEP FEB UGM (lecturers, directors, staff and students) and invited guests. The ceremonial program began with remarks by the Director of MEP FEB UGM, Dr. Dumairy, M.A., followed by remarks from the Dean of FEB UGM, Eko Suwardi, M.Sc., Ph.D. then the narration of  history of MEP FEB UGM from Dr. Wahyu Widayat, M.Ec., and ended with an event to cut the traditional snacks cone and had lunch together.

In his remarks, Dr. Dumairy, MA as Director of MEP FEB UGM said that the celebration of the 24th anniversary was held simply because MEP needs to prepare next agenda for the 25th Anniversary of 2020. “Thank you for the previous MEP directors who have played role in expanding MEP so that MEP exists until now,” said Dumairy. In addition, the Director of MEP FEB UGM also invited fellow education staff and students to continue improving the MEP even better, even though despite the high hopes and aspirations, it is also better for us to be grateful for what is now.

Eko Suwardi, M.Sc., Ph.D. delivered his speech by reminding that a celebration is needed and at the same time it is also becoming a form of introspection. “We should be grateful and thankful to the initiators of MEP FEB UGM, from one director to the next director, the lecturers who took an active role in raising MEP, also to the educational staff who is contributed from the beginning escorting MEP FEB UGM,” said the Dean of FEB UGM . FEB as part of Gadjah Mada University is very proud of MEP Study Program because in real practice the slogan of FEB UGM is “locally rooted”, in MEP the students come from prospective Indonesian leaders from each region to apply their knowledge both from the concentration of regional development, regional finance and assessment, from Sabang to Marauke, from Pulo Rote to Nias. In addition, MEP has become part of the development of human resources spread throughout the territory of Indonesia. “What is now, must be better than yesterday, and tomorrow must be better than the present,” Eko Suwardi said ending his remarks.

A cross-historical overview of MEP FEB UGM was delivered by one of the founders of MEP, Dr. Wahyu Widayat, M.Ec. by presenting in detail from the beginning of the establishment of MEP to the present. It was pioneered from a Regional Finance course at the University of Birmingham then held a regional finance course at FEB UGM. In its journey, MEP has innovated and adapted to answer the needs of professionals in the economic field, the directors who took part in establishing MEP, the cooperation with states and private institutions which go well, 4,519 alumni who spread across various regions and has occupied important positions in government, all those demand MEP to continue improving and developing to adjust the society needs. (rtm)

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