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MEP Alumni Gathering in South Kalimantan


BANJARBARU-In the beginning of 2015, MEP FEB UGM in collaboration with Alumni Association of South Kalimantan Province (HIMEP) held an Alumni Gathering on Friday, 23rd January 2015. Prof. Lincolin Arsyad, Ph.D. as Director of Program Study, accompanied by Dr. Akhmad Makhfatih, MA as Deputy Director of Academic and Student Affairs visited Banjarbaru, South Kalimantan. The Alumni Gathering held at Novotel Hotel, Banjarbaru, South Kalimantan.

In the speech of Chairman of HIMEP, Drs. H. Muhammad Thamrin, M.Si., also as the Chairman of Regional Civil Service Agency of South Kalimantan Province, explained alumni progress after graduated from MEP and came back to South Kalimantan Province to apply the knowledge they obtained during their study in MEP. M. Thamrin also thanked to all lecturers of MEP.

Prof. Lincolin Arsyad, Ph.D. delivered a short speech and thanked to all alumni. In his speech, he said that he was so proud of their achievement. “Your achievement is a contribution that we, as the alma mater, are proud of,” he said. This was proven by their strategic position in South Kalimantan Government. Meanwhile, MEP FEB UGM always try to provide intellectual contributions through teaching and research activities in applied economics for the betterment and welfare society. Lincolin Arsyad also stated that the most popular concentration was Asset Management and Property Valuation.

Regional asset management needed human resources that understandable and finalized systematically and based on its management procedure. Management data subject and object which always be updated was adequate to increase regional asset management income. “Thanks to all alumni of South Kalimantan who has been very kind to prepare everything for organizing this Alumni Gathering successfully,” said Lincolin Arsyad in his speech.

This event was continued with discussion about National Civil Apparatus (ASN). In ASN, carrier progress was not only according to certificate, but also considering competency and ability. All alumni said that during their study in MEP, they experienced a serious and hard education process. However, the process that they have been experienced was proven able to build well human resources capacity.[adm]

See you in MEP Grand Alumni Reunion on June 2015

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