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West Sulawesi province has a real example in regional development. Yohanis Piterson from West Sulawesi province explained education information system with community-based. “Do you know how many children in your neighborhood who do not attend school?” “Children become a victim of regional development planning due to the lack of data,” said Piterson. “The data become an important issue,” he said. The existing data of education is not adequate and it sourced from the school. The unavailability of accurate data concerning to education, such as dropouts data, never attend school, and the number of illiterate. In order to overcome this problem, government includes the community in the process of planning and implementation education. “The community collected the data about children who do not attend school which is collected by local government,” said Piterson.

Each head of village should have a pocket book of information concerning the data in each region. The aims of data collection is as an education planning material, especially completing the 9 years compulsory education program and provide references of education data management periodically from village to district. “Each village has an allocation of funds which one of the uses is for education and health,” said Piterson.

In addition, there is a post complaint in every village to provide education service for children. Data collection of poverty have been done in West Sulawesi province and have been answered the poverty issue. Piterson said that data collection which was done altogether with community was more effective, so that there will be no more protests. Information system with community-based, developing and updating poverty data with community-based. “With a good data approach, the plan would be good, too,” he said. The involvement of community participation, the public confidence will increase and eventually bring out social fund. “The data is absolutely expensive, yet build something without data is more expensive,” he said.

Another example can be found in East Java. Akhmad Sukardi, as a general administrative assistant at regional government of East Java province, said that regional government was needed for community welfare. One of the agenda of East Java development was bureaucratic reform and improvement of public services with the development priorities acceleration of bureaucratic reforms, and improving public services. “In East Java is built regional financial management laboratory,” said Sukardi. “This laboratory is used as a place for improving human resources capacity in the field of regional financial management,” he said. The employees from various educational backgrounds will be placed in compulsory financial management at laboratory. In addition, Surabaya becomes an effective laboratory concerning to empowering communities, for example the existence of small and medium enterprises in each village.[Prast]

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