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A Visit from Students of University of Malaya-Malaysia


“Welcome to Indonesia, Welcome to Yogyakarta, and the special welcome to MEP FEB UGM”

The Master Program in Development Economics accepted a visit from Real Estate Undergraduate Program, Faculty of Built Environment, on Tuesday 12th August 2014. Forty six students and two supervisors were welcomed by Prof. Lincolin Arsyad, Ph.D; Dr. Akhmad Makhfatih, M.A., and Bayu Sutikno, S.E., M.S.M., Ph.D. “Thank you for your reliance and cooperation, hopefully our very first cooperation can be continued, not only for comparative study between our students, but also study exchange between two program, where the semester classes will be conducted at MEP or at Real Estate Undergraduate Program University of Malaya,” said Prof. Lincolin Arsyad in his welcoming speech. Prof. Insukindro, special lecturer in the field of Property Economics, and Mr. Nugroho Amin, M.Si., a lecturer for Land Law, especially for Land of Keraton Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta is a famous city in Indonesia and known as the students’ city of Indonesia, and renowned as a center of classical Javanese fine art and culture.

Prof. Lincolin added that the master program in development economics FEB UGM was an applied economic program under the faculty of economics and business UGM, besides Master of Management and Master of Accounting. MEP students come from all regions of Indonesia. “Once again, welcome to Yogyakarta, please feel free to visit tourism places in Yogyakarta such as Borobudur and Prambanan temple, also Parangtritis beach”.

“Happy Ied Mubarak and thanks to MEP FEB UGM for welcoming our visit,” said Prof. Madya Dr. Anwar bin Alias in his speech. The Undergraduate Program of Real Estate Faculty of Built Environment University of Malaya-Malaysia, chose the Master Program in Development Economics FEB UGM to undertake a comparative study due to the availability of Asset Management and Property Valuation concentration which was provided by MEP FEB UGM. Also Yogyakarta had a special attraction to be studied by students from Undergraduate program faculty of built and environment University of Malaya.

On behalf of the Dean of the Faculty, University of Malaya thanked the MEP for a good cooperation and they welcomed this cooperation and hoped they are able to send both Undergraduate and Graduate students for International program to UGM. University of Malaya already cooperated with several universities from Vietnam, Brunei, Thailand and Philippine.[trie]

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