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Seminar Result of Field Work Program at Magelang


The Master Program in Development Economics held a seminar result of field work program (PKL) on Saturday, 7th June 2014 in the Seminar Room MEP FEB UGM. The seminar was attended by the representatives of Magelang Distric Government, Drs. E.Endra Discourse (Assek III), Gamis Hari Saktiyono, DP (Head of DPPKAD Asset), Widianto Ahmad, and Dikke Riyo Sembodo, Amd. from PU and ESDM. Also Dr. Soeratno as a moderator.

This seminar was the result of a visit to Magelang on May 24th, 2014. The participants were students of class 50 and lecturers such as Prof. Nopirin, M.A., Dra. Wahyu Hidayati, M.Si., and Ari Setyaningrum, M,Ec.Dev., MAPPI(Cert.). The sequence of activities were Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with Magelang Government, field observation, and discussion of each group.

Field Work Program was a compulsory activity for students. The purpose was to apply the knowledge/insight/information obtained by the students during the lectures. The theme of the field work program was Asset Management of Magelang District with three sub-themes: health asset optimization (land legal aspect of health center), education asset optimization (elementary and junior high school asset valuation), and infrastructure asset optimization (capitalization and road maintenance).

This field work program result seminar presented the result of a study based on the findings of each group. The first group with Prof. Nopirin, M.A. as lecturer, discussed about the health asset optimization, especially the health center. They found that there was still the issue of land legality, such as health center construction which was built on the land which was from village donation. The second group with Ari Setyaningrum, M.Ec.Dev., MAPPI (Cert.) as lecturer, discussed about education asset optimization, especially Mendut Elementary School (SDN Mendut) and Junior High School 1 (SMP 1). One of the findings was the lack of understanding of the principal or administrative about asset school data collection, such as record, inventory, and school asset management. Meanwhile, the third group with Dr. Wahyu Hidayati, M.Si. discussed about infrastructure asset optimization of road in Magelang District. [Waluyo]

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