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Aspiration Nets between Directors and Employees of MEP FEB UGM


" Alhamdulilah, Rector Decree of 2014 for employees have issued", said director of Master Program in Development Economics, Prof. Licolin Arsyad, Ph.D in first quarter meeting period 2014. Quarter meeting conducted every 3 months aimed to bridge the aspiration between directors and employees in MEP FEB UGM. In this time, the quarter meeting held on Monday, April 7, 2014, in Seminar Room of MEP FEB UGM.

"Therefore, we have to keep the spirit and enhance our working performance," he added. "Make the MEP FEB UGM as our own home. If we want to achieve the progress, we have to be creative and innovative, we have to complete and satisfy other people," he continued. The employees were expected to satisfy other people either to the senior or fellow employees. Besides that, increasing performance and togetherness were to create cohesiveness. This year, the executive management team would continue the previous program and also ‘spread the hook’ in order to get new programs. All bodies were expected to work harder and diligently to realize them all.

Dies Natalis MEP FEB UGM this year would be celebrated simple and kinship. Coinciding with Lustrum of MEP FEB UGM which will be next year, the Dies Natalis will be held festive. In welcoming student enrollment, MEP FEB UGM planned to develop concentration especially on Asset Management and Property Valuation (MAPP) because it had more interest and demand from the applicants.

"There will be 16 candidate students from Linkage Program hosted by MEP FEB UGM in September 2014," said Dr. Akhmad Makhfatih, M.A., Deputy Director of Academic and Student Affairs. ‘The possibility for MOU and TAA signing will be on August this year,’ he added. Moreover, there will be also one Japanese student who joins in the Linkage program class.

There are 11 employees during period of 3 months: January, February, and March 2014 never come late to the office," said Bayu Sutikno, Ph.D, Deputy Director of Administration and Finance. Other employees gave appreciation to the name mentioned by standing applause. In the meantime he added, ‘Financial situation of MEP FEB UGM is in the good condition, even the revenue has exceed the target. Furthermore, he appealed to all employees to participate and maintain our assets. The Question and Answer ended the activity on 12.45. [Lina]

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