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Academic Policy

The Master Program in Development Economics applies the semester system which consists of two semesters in a year. To obtain a title M.Ec.Dev. from MEP, students must complete at least 39 credits. These credits consist of 18 credits for tools and core expertise courses, 12 credits for concentration in optional courses and 9 credits for Seminar Strategy Research (hereafter SSR) and thesis. In this system, course with 3 credits equivalent to 3 x 50-minute face to face meeting in each week during 18 weeks effective meeting includes mid and final semester exam. In this system, subjects with 3 credits equivalent to 3 x 50 minute face to face per week for 18 effective weeks including insertion and final exam.


  • For students who passed are able to proceed to the regular courses and immediately following the lecture program of first semester. Academic and information system will distribute schedules, syllabi, KRS and application form to DAA UGM.
  • In every beginning of the semester, the students must fill out KRS
  • Filling out the KRS are approved by the faculty academic advisor designated by the program and is returned to the Department of Academic and Information no later than 2 weeks after the lecture.
  • Taking the courses in each semester will be announced by Academic and Information System.
  • In each semester, students must take 15 credits and in the last semester students must take 9 credits of research strategy seminar.
  • The changes of course taking must be approved by the manager or academic chief, no later than 2 weeks after the lecture or two meetings.
  • Each student must attend college at specified time and place; lecture is given for 150 minutes in each meeting.
  • If a student is absent or ill, therefore it required to show a letter addressed to the Deputy Academic Affairs.
  • Students must actively participate in the activities of lectures.
  • Lectures will record student attendance at every class meeting.
  • To facilitate the study, each student gets the guidance of an academic supervisor designated by the program manager with the task of guiding the students’ academic activities, and problems that is concerned with the academics.
  • To be able to implement the guiding thesis (to get a thesis supervisor), the cumulative GPA of semester I and II at least 3.00


Students are required to have a minimum of 75% attendance for each course schedule to take the final exam.


For the improvement of the Master Program in Development Economics in each end of the lectures, the student will be asked to evaluate the lecturers’ performance. The evaluation of lecturers’ performance will be held a week before the final exam by distributing the evaluation form by Academic and Information System. Student assessment result will not affect the value.


A candidate can be stated (declared) as a free matriculation student if they graduate majoring in economics field with the following requirements:

  • Exams can be implemented in a variety of forms, such as written examination, oral examinations, and essay writing, seminars, assignment and the combination of the various ways.
  • The semester exam consists of insertion exam and final exam which are held one time for each.
  • Each student must take the exam associated with the course taken at the specified time and place.
  • Students may take the exam if they have fulfilled the minimum attendance and have fulfilled the requirements for financial and academic administration which have been determined.
  • There will be a sanction for students who break the rules above. The invigilator will not warn yet students’ name will be noted, which conduce mark reduction or students’ exam result will be disqualified.
  • The mark is given according to the students’ activities in following several activities such as:
    1. Insertion exam (30%)
    2. Final exam (30%)
    3. Assignments (20%)
    4. Class participation (20%)
    5. The attendance on each course is lowering mark as much as the absence.


    Final mark authorities in the form of letter thoroughly become lecturer’s right with regard to the objectivity and integrity of academic factor. However, if it is necessary, the students are able to ask the lecturers for the final mark components.


    The final mark will be announced to the students through Academic and Information System. The Academic and Information System will only inform to the students concerning the final mark as long as the students have no problem with administration financial. Students will receive the Study Result Card (in bahasa: KHS-Kartu Hasil Studi) for each semester as the materials for learning progress reports or for other purposes.