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Master of Education and Appraisal Certification Program

The needs of professional appraiser have increased significantly. The limited numbers of certified public appraiser, which is around 325 people, are not sufficient to accommodate the business needs and the government needs at this moment.

The demands of accountability and financial transparency of national and local governments are increasingly pushing the needs for a reliable appraiser services. Most of the financial statements of public institutions have not received unqualified predicate. Asset Valuation is one of the core problems. This is the difference between the accounting professions and professional appraiser.

The accountant and the appraiser cooperate in various areas or projects. This is shown by the presence of appraiser at several public accounting firms. The accounting profession is also increasingly admitting the needs of appraiser as a result of IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standard) that mandated fair value.

Master of Education Program:

Due to the lack of the appraiser in Indonesia, The Master Program in Development Economics FEB UGM, organize the master of education program with the concentrations of:

  • Asset Management and Property Valuation (MAPP)
  • Asset Management and Business Valuation (MAPB)

The curriculum of Asset Management and Property Valuation (MAPP) provides the educations of assets’ appraiser and to manage both public and private assets. The Asset Management and Business Valuation (MAPB) provide the educations of business valuation aimed for making decision of management for the business development and improvement.

The curriculum of the Master Program:

The curriculum of Asset Management and Property Valuation (MAPB), and Asset Management and Business Valuation (MAPB) could be completed by the students within 3 semesters, not included the Matriculation Program (Pre MEP).

Appraisal Certification Program:

The Master Program in Development Economics FEB UGM, in cooperation with the Indonesian Society of Appraiser (in bahasa: MAPPI) develops the appraisal certification program for the graduates of the Master Program in Development Economics FEB UGM. Graduates will earn Master of Economics of Development (M.Ec.Dev) degree from UGM and MAPPI (Cert.) as the appraiser.

The Advantage of the Master Program in Development Economics, FEB UGM:
  • The only courses that provide education certification assessor
  • The involvement of MAPPI on arranging the materials, curriculum and teaching intensively
  • Guiding the internship report
  • The availability of all courses certification tutorial
  • The involvement of the management in USP as the observer test
The Curriculum of the Certification Program:

Appraisal Certification Program is designed to allow the students to complete the study within a period of 12 months.

Property Assessment Course:
  • Indonesian Assessment Standard
  • Assessment Property II
  • Assessment Property III
Business Assessment Course:
  • Indonesia Assessment Standard
  • Assessment Business II
  • Assessment Business III

After passing 3 (three) writing exam courses, the applicants undertake the internship for 6 months at the Office of Appraisal Services (in bahasa: Kantor Jasa Penilai Publik/KJPP), recommended by MAPPI. In the course of the internship, the applicants are required to make 3 (three) assessment reports and seminar.

Graduation requirements for certification program:
  • Passed writing exam of the appraisal certification program (in bahasa: USP).
  • Passed the Master Program in Development Economics, FEB UGM program.
  • Passed oral exam of the appraisal certification program conducted by MAPPI.
  • The registration fee is RP 500.000 (five hundred thousand rupiahs), and it is payable by money transfer to the following account:
    • Bank name : BNI
    • Branch : Bulaksumur UGM
    • Account Number : 9888 80206 1020 003
  • Minimum GPA: 2.75
  • Submit below documents:
    • 2 copies of legalized Bachelor certificate and transcript.
    • 2 recommendation letters from academic advisors, downloads at
    • Statement proposal or Motivation Letter for joining Master Program, downloads at
    • Health certificate
Selection Process:
  • Submit all the requirements
  • Obtaining TPA Score certificate with minimum score of 500 and ITP TOEFL with minimum score of 450 or AcEPT with minimum score of 209 from the institutions which are recognized by UGM; or
  • For applicants who do not have the score to take the PAP’s test organized by Faculty of Psychology Universitas Gadjah Mada ( and AcEPT organized by PPB UGM ( The information can be seen in the selection table schedule.
  • Validation test and interview.
The Course:

The courses conducted twice a year, from April-September

Tuition Fee:

Master Program Rp47.000.000 (forty seven million rupiahs), dan Certification Program Rp25.000.000 (twenty five million rupiahs)