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Reguler Class

Master Program in Development Economics FEB UGM offered 4 concentrations in regular class:

  • Regional Planning and Development
  • Regional Financial
  • Asset Management and Property Valuation
  • Asset Management and Business Valuation

Concentration: Regional Planning and Development

This concentration provides concept and competence on how the strategy and arrangement process of regional planning and regional strategy plan should be conducted.

Concentration: Regional Financial

This concentration provides knowledge and ability on policy-making of regional financial and how to provide financial report of local government (in bahasa: LKPD) in accordance with the applicable rules. Unqualified financial statements criteria (in bahasa: WTP) will be explored, so that the students are good and capable in planning and organizing regional financial.

Concentration: Asset Management and Property Valuation (MAPP)

This concentration provides knowledge on how to identify, inventory, optimize and assess regional asset. Unqualified opinion of the financial statements has not been achieved since it is still hampered with the regional assets’ problem.

Concentration: Asset Management and Business Valuation (MAPB)

This concentration provides knowledge on how to earn income or the estimation of business value or company/entity or internal ownership, unqualified opinion, valuable of intangible asset, which is intended for making decision of management in order to develop and improve business in maintaining the continuity of the company.


  • Registration fee

    The registration fee is RP 500.000 (five hundred thousand rupiahs), and it is payable by money transfer to the following account: Bank name : BNI Branch : Bulaksumur UGM Account Name : UGM MEP PENERIMAAN PENDAFTARAN Account Number : 9888 80206 1020 003

  • Minimum GPA: 2.75
  • Submit below documents:
    1. 2 copies of legalized Bachelor certificate and transcript.
    2. 2 recommendation letters from academic advisors, downloads at
    3. Statement proposal or Motivation Letter for joining Master Program, downloads at
    4. Health certificate.

Selection Process:

  • Submit all the requirements, Proof of English language Skills, All participants should obtain TPA Score certificate > 500 and ITP TOEFL > 450 or AcEPT > 209 from the institutions which are recognized by UGM; or , For applicants who do not have the score to take the PAP’s test organized by Faculty of Psychology Universitas Gadjah Mada (website:, and AcEPT organized by Pusat Pelatihan Bahasa UGM (website: can be seen in the table selection schedule
  • Validation test and interview

Lecture Period:

The lectures are conducted twice a year on April and September.

Tuition fee:

The tuition fee for the Master Program is RP 47.500.000 (forty seven million and five hundred thousand rupiahs).